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Does this mean I’m out of the domestic bubble?

This blog was started with a specific aim: to chart my journey out of the domestic bubble. Today I examine whether my lack of posting is a symptom that I’ve burst out.

You don’t have to be Sherlock to work out that I’ve not been blogging recently. Which isn’t to say that I haven’t been composing blog posts in my head. I’ve had great ideas – dead certs to be “freshly pressed” – it’s just that I haven’t written them down. Not even in the little note book that my son gave me for jotting ideas.

But I have been writing. When my journalism course finished it would have been easy to settle back into the comfort of the bubble. Fortunately I’d already started working for The Guildford Dragon News, a news website for a nearby town. The over-stretched editor was delighted to pass on press releases and story leads. I’ve interviewed local celebs and business people, reviewed shows and researched news reports. I regularly see my byline; what a thrill.


The time between dropping the children at school and picking them up is filled. Sadly I’m not paid for my efforts – except in experience and credits. But my voluntary status also means that I don’t feel guilty if I can’t complete an assignment, I’m not an employee. That said, I haven’t missed a deadline yet.

So, the big question: am I out of the domestic bubble? Yes, I’m still a SAHM. I’m around when the kids need me and spend a lot of time doing the washing. People I meet in a journalism capacity assume that I’m a regular employee with a desk in an office – not typing from the kitchen table. However, I’m not employed in the monetary, committed, contractual sense.

The jury’s out. But, in my mind, I won’t feel truly out of the bubble until I’m in paid employment, in a building with colleagues and no longer needed to do the school run.


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