travel with me from SAHM to working mum….

Time to take stock…

Looking for a slot in the working world after a (lengthy) sabbatical spent having children, shopping and going to the gym, your blogger embarked on a journalism course. This meant lots of writing, but not much blogging. Time for a catch-up.

Like a TV series that’s returned after a few months’ break, I feel the need to re-cap. 40+ SAHM, former teacher and estate agent, trapped in a domestic bubble of her own making.

I started this blog a few years ago when I’d decided that I’d put off writing for long enough. I’d enrolled on a creative writing workshop and was enjoying putting fingers to keyboard. Creative writing wasn’t my strong strongest skill set and I needed a digital presence so one meeting I blurted out that I was going to write a blog. Once the words hit the air and re-entered my ears I knew there was no going back.

Time to trawl the job pages

Time to trawl the job pages

Successful blogs have a USP – unique selling point. I racked my brains. Finally I decided I would write about trying to get out of the domestic bubble. About one woman’s experiences of getting back to the world of work after being a stay-at-home-mum for so long. Almost immediately my husband was made temporarily redundant. This allowed me to go on a return to teaching course, a good step back into study and towards work, but I quickly realised that I’d left teaching all those years ago for a reason. Nevertheless, it was a good insurance policy – something I could return to in a crisis, if only as a supply teacher.

I made tentative steps, contacting supply agencies, but I was easily put off. If I was to add to the family stress by returning to work, it needed to be in a job I really wanted to do.(My husband works long hours, is often abroad and all of the childcare is my responsibility.)

I summoned up the courage to join a Post Graduate Diploma course, in journalism, something I’d wanted to do since school. I’ve written about how nerve-wracking that experience was but I got through it and the experience was amazing.

I loved all of it. Meeting new people, going up to London on the train, being busy, having deadlines and timetables and having to fit things in, getting up early, reading so, so many newspapers. Ok, I didn’t enjoy the exams so much, but I passed, with merit.

And now it’s the first week, post-course, post-school Easter holidays, and I’m feeling under-employed.

Last week I picked up three assignments for a local news website which employs me on a voluntary basis. It’s great experience and I get my byline out there in cyberspace. But, as my tutor warned me, I need more. Time to start job searching in earnest.


4 comments on “Time to take stock…

  1. Jeannette Monahan
    April 29, 2013

    Wow, Maria! I love the new look of your blog! And congratulations of finishing up school and actually getting some work, even if it’s not as much as you’d like. I’m in the same position with my copyediting courses–it’s all a bit daunting. But you are inspiring! 🙂 (And you have at least kept up with your blog, which is better than I’ve done recently!)

    • domesticbubblewriter
      April 29, 2013

      Thank you! Inspiring! You’re too too kind.

      Yes, it was great to be busy and there was a big bump when I crashed back own to Earth last week – hanging out washing is soooo boring. Is your copywriting course full time?

  2. roughwighting
    April 30, 2013

    Nice to meet you – love the honesty and truthfulness of your blog. I found you because we both received the “Best Moment” Award – and I’m finally checking out the other winners. Keep it up!

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