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Monday musings: can your face betray you?

Monday musings

Monday musings

Last week I bumped into a friend in the supermarket. She asked me what was wrong why was I looking so hassled? I was a little pissed off, having spent a frustrating morning at a law court where things weren’t running smoothly. But I was completely up to the task of choosing broccoli, which is where she’d found me.

It made me wonder if some people have an ‘I can cope face’ and some people have an ‘I’m struggling to hold it all together face’. Do some people look more emotional than others when they’re feeling the same levels of capability?

Take Andy Murray and Novak Djokavic – both are strong tennis players, ok Djokavic is better, but Andy’s 3rd in the world. One has an emotional-looking face, the other is so composed as to be almost robotic. Both are capable of hours of holding it together, but only one has a face that looks the part.

This sounds flippant. But it could count against you in a job interview or in daily working life if you’re not asked to take something on because you don’t ‘look’ like you can handle it.


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