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Introducing…guest blogger

A message from my husband:

I’m very excited to be asked to write a blog – I’m a blog virgin, and the whole concept of social media seems to have passed me by. I’ve been wondering why. I used to be pretty good with technology and I am normally more than happy to ‘express myself’ …..but I think I know the cause. It’s because I’m afflicted with the scourge of modern working life and have been for too many years and it’s shaped my attitude to social networking and ‘e-communication’ (?) : it is a work-issued Blackberry.

I hate it – it represents a 24 hour 7 day a week umbilical to my employer. Its worst feature is a little red light that flashes when there is an e – mail that hasn’t been read…it draws you in and sends a little message that hypnotically mutters; read me…….READ ME! For some time I think I became an addict…the red flashing light….I couldn’t ignore it.

But I recently changed jobs and promised myself a couple of things – main promise was to ignore Blackberry tyrant when not at work, and not to open any work e-mails that are sent by the sender to demonstrate apparent busy-ness, weird office machismo ( ie late at night, stupidly early in the morning), or competitive ‘who can respond quickest’. This behaviour must sound bizarre to anyone not in blackberry-world, but to us who are in blackberryland it’s all too familiar.

So, since moving jobs (7months ago) I’ve been pretty good……as I speak my blackberry has 518 unanswered emails on it (I’m hoping for 1000 pretty soon) and it is blinking its red light at me….
and I’m not even even tempted…
well not much….
but what if it’s an important email…..?
that can’t wait till tomorrow morning…?
oh no…

I hear the company that makes Blackberries, RIM, is in trouble and may go bust…..rofl – as my daughter might write.


2 comments on “Introducing…guest blogger

  1. armchairauthor
    May 17, 2012

    Excellent guest post. I recently had a job administrated from a distance through e-mail and an online database, and it felt like I was dealing with something every second of the day. Good for you, cutting the cord!

  2. Jeannette Monahan
    May 17, 2012

    That takes strength to ignore the Blinking Red Light. 🙂 Good for you. My husband also gets messages at all hours, and now that he works from home it’s even harder to ignore them. But he tries!

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