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Ugg boots

Don’t get me wrong: I love my ugg boots. I like to have warm feet, especially in my cold house with NO underfloor heating. (Sore point that one!) First I had some fake Uggs (fuggs) from that cheap sports shop – you know the one – it’s a bit like entering Narnia through the wardrobe, but smellier and less magical. Also I suspect Susan and Peter etal pushed through fur coats and not polyester and nylon to reach the enchanted land, rather than the cheap tennis balls and goggles at the back. I digress, it is half term, so excuse me…

Fake uggs, v cheap, 2 sizes too big but only 7 quid vs 70, and I was only intending to use them as slippers. My previous slippers had disintegrated. I have a habit of nipping outside to run after the binmen with the wheelie bin or fetch schoolbags from the car. They were from Accessorise, pink cardy boots, but the soles were pretty useless when wet. Well, they came off, which is very useless when it comes to slipper abuse. The fuggs weren’t much better. Having been bought from the cheap sports shop, they weren’t made of shearling, so stank. The soles were more sturdy, but I slid down the stairs twice in them. The second time in front of a parent waiting to pick his daughter up after a sleepover. Not v cool. Or responsible-looking.

So I identified the Uggs I wanted. Lusted over them, justified the price tag, uncovered them at the local outlet village and, endowed with my teaching course bursary, bought them.

chestnut uggs

My Chestnut Uggs

And I do love them. I wear them every day. The soles are great, more than up to a quick dash into the garden for some salad leaves or to stash accumulated wine bottles in the outside recycling box before a friend is coming round. They areugly though. We live near a college and the route from the train station is lined with teenagers dressed in jeans and uggs, short skirts/leggings and uggs, daisy dukes/tights and uggs. Doesn’t seem to matter what they’re wearing, and often it’s fancy dress or pjs, uggs go. Have you noticed that if you over pronate (turn feet in – I  think) then your uggs will magnify this? When my daughter was at the local school I spent a lot of time walking behind students whose boots where like mini leaning towers of Pisas. Totally lopsided and providing no support. But the young don’t care about such things.


Hitler looking uncomfortable in his tight boots.

Occasionally I think that, having spent my bursary on a pair of boots when others were using theirs to eat and travel, I should really wear them out of the house. Admittedly, this is generally on a cold day. On one such day I wore them to the supermarket. It felt really weird!  Well, I’m not in the habit of wearing my slippers to buy the groceries. That would be a sign that something was wrong with my head (yes, ok, I meant really wrong).  A couple of times I did have to check that I wasn’t wearing my pyjamas or dressing gown. I had a definite sense of planets slipping out of line. Which makes me wonder about other people.  The people who wear their ugg boots everywhere. Obviously they like to be comfortable, but do they feel like they’re walking around in their slippers? Or does this make them feel more relaxed generally in the world. I’m thinking that if Nazi soldiers wore uggs and not jack boots would they have been more chilled out and less likely to commit foul atrocities? Does wearing ugg boots affect people’s behaviour? Do you think a university somewhere is offering research grants into this vexing question?  I wonder if could qualify for one?  I mean, these boots won’t last forever, and job searching is proving fruitless, I’ve got to find funding from somewhere…


3 comments on “Ugg boots

  1. Jeannette Monahan
    February 16, 2012

    You should definitely do a study! Do a study, write an article and sell it to a magazine. You might be able to get 2 pairs for that. 🙂

  2. armchairauthor
    February 20, 2012

    I had a pair of the fake variety that smelled to high heaven and had a rock rattling around inside the sole of the left boot for months before I finally gave up on them. I also have the habit of nipping outside for a quick errand in them. Once I threw them away I remembered why I bought them: my uninsulated, wood craftsman home built in 1896 (quite old for California, and wood) with only a stove in the kitchen for warmth and no way to spread the heat left my feet freezing! I’ve been considering throwing down some cash for the real deal and your entry may have pushed me over the edge…

    • domesticbubblewriter
      February 20, 2012

      Oh no! “Other brands are available…”! Actually, my daughter had some Emus that lasted until her feet outgrew them, and they seem pretty good. Also just ordered her some Ukalas(?). They were v cheap: merino wool lining with a cow leather outer. We’ll just have to see how they go. Good luck and I hope your feet are warm again soon!

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