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Christmas cooking

The 25th December is now in sight and for the past couple of weeks, although I have been thinking about the ‘new project’, I have mainly been preparing for Christmas.

As class rep of two classes in separate schools I have had to organise two stalls at two different Christmas Fairs. Fortunately, in both cases, I have a partner so neither has been too onerous. At one school we were responsible for the ‘secret santa’ stall where children could chose from a vast array of donated tat, be helped to wrap it, before hiding it away form prying parental eyes. Imagine the joy on xmas day when you open a meat thermometer which your child has lovingly chosen form the secret santa stall! There is a significant amount of repeat donated tat. One mum has counted five consecutive visits for a candle that she originally donated in 2006. She’s not offended – it was an unwanted gift from her step-mother.

The other school was potentially my worst nightmare. Our year group had to set up, plan and create the goodies for ‘Hansel and Gretel’ (or ‘the night before Christmas’). Now, I flatter myself that I can write, I’m also quite good at co-ordinating interior decor but, excepting these, I have no other creative sinews in my body. Fortunately my partner saved the day. She is an amazing cook, particularly excelling in cake decorating, so making biscuits, fudge and other festive sweeties was right up her Christmas tree. Lots of other parents of children in the class helped and our stall was a real success. And I did my bit.  You can’t really see the glitter in this picture, but it was there!  When we all met up for a goodie-wrapping coffee morning I nearly didn’t bring my offering, fearing they were sub-standard.  It was the icing.  Nigella said use royal icing sugar, and it set pretty hard, too hard to spread.  So I just had to dollop it on.  My kind friend and fellow stall organiser who bakes cakes professionally cheered me up by saying that they looked like lumps of snow, and I was mollified.  We made a tidy profit too, but I’m glad it’s over.  Roll on the main event! Merry Christmas (albeit belatedly – this post has been languishing in my draft box for a couple of weeks).

Decorative Edible Tree Biscuits


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