travel with me from SAHM to working mum….

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The problem, I have discovered, with writing a blog about being a Working Mother, is that on your return to the Domestic Bubble, there is not enough time to write about your experiences. Even with a full-time house-husband, time at home is a whirlwind of washing, tidying and tripping over schoolbags. With a part-time hh on gardening leave, who takes time out from planning house-disrupting home improvements to go on a school residential trip, military-style manoeuvres are required to maintain the smooth running of the household. Blogging is one of the first things to be sacrificed – after ironed underwear and the dusting of infrequently-used rooms. It is OK if you are commuting, don’t have work to complete on the train, an interesting podcast to listen to and can be bothered to grapple with the vagaries of the wordpress app – fat finger function and compatible draft options, PLEASE!

Creativity is also a casualty of busy-ness. Separated from the activities that induce a reflective state: dog-walking, gym workouts and ironing, the phrases and sentences which inspire a blog do not wander into my conscious thoughts. An exciting blog idea can nudge its way into a hectic schedule, wriggling into a cosy space like a dog demanding attention. For me, a blog without the initial spark of  an idea is as welcome as the mutt who’s rolled in fox shit.

Tiredness is the other enemy of blogging. When I am struggling to make coherent an action plan for the day or week ahead, there is not much space for a string of articulate musings on life, work and children – no matter how much help they might be in putting those things into perspective. Cathartic ramblings may not be interesting or witty, but they do lighten the soul.

And this is why I’ll keep plugging away at the keyboard: despite the infrequency, blogging injects sanity and refection into an otherwise linear life.


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