travel with me from SAHM to working mum….


Redundancy has been re-named ‘gardening leave’. This is an interesting term as the redundant husband has not approached the garden but continues to disrupt the smooth workings of the household.

This is the first day in two weeks that we have been in the house for a serious length of time together. Returning home from the school run, I wasn’t greeted by the dog, desperate for his walk. When I asked my ill daughter where he was, she replied that daddy had taken him out. During the course of the day it became apparent that there is no need for two parents to be hanging around the house, hovering over the sick child. And, if you follow this train of thought, also no need for two parents to be based at home full-time. By the afternoon I had googled full-time ‘return to teaching’ courses, established that there were places and emailed for an application form.

Despite 12 years in the job of full time mum, I’m not so attached that I can’t relinquish it when an opportunity arises. This is like Nessie rearing up from the deep, dark waters of the loch – and I’m swimming like hell…


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