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Can I have my kitchen back…?

make-shift board room

A fly in the ointment.

Impossibly successful husband who has kept a roof over our heads, food in the larder and me in designer sports clothes for the past 13 years has been made REDUNDANT. This news has caused a number of friends to take a sharp intake of breath, but it is all in the game plan, apparently. So I have reassured them that it is a “good thing”, mumbled about new ideas and opportunities and changed the subject.

I’m not lying. It is, ultimately, a “good thing” and one that he’s been working towards for a few years. But it was still an odd moment when he was actually sent home – not to return. We have spent the first week circling each other and smiling sheepishly. I know from a number of friends also in this situation that this stage will not last and a couple of their predictions have already come to pass:

1 the dining room table has disappeared under a blanket of papers. I think that this room has been chosen as a make-shift office due to its similarity to a board room. Initially he chose to sit at the head of the table, as if chairing the meeting. I have noticed that by day 6 he had moved his chair to a more supernumerary position. Has he demoted himself already?
2 not content with the annexation of the dining room, by week 2 he has started to work in the kitchen. Why he has chosen this room baffles me. It is the coldest room in the house, and it has been my weekday domain for 13 years. I know that I have been considering leaving it, but I am now feeling slightly pushed out…
3 the telephone: it rings, I answer, it is not a chap from the Indian subcontinent but someone wanting to speak to Redundant Husband. Or, I pick up telephone to make an important call – hair appointment, kennel cough vaccination enquiry, and the phone is ‘in use’. I am irritated.

It is the end of week 2. Life is changing, and in ways that I didn’t expect.


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