travel with me from SAHM to working mum….

Universal Truths

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a mum with children at school must be in search of a job. A few hours a week, between 9 and 3, Monday to Friday. But not in this particular Bubble of Surrey. While there may be some who fall into this category, many more have landed in the following:
1 Working Mum, always worked, from the end of maternity leave, usually backed by one  (or team) of husband, mother(-in-law), nanny, au pair, cleaner. Generally serene and untroubled by school-gate politics.
2 Flexi-Mum, similar to the above but with elements of no3. In/out of various jobs, generally part-time and usually stressed out. insufficient domestic team. This mother has contacts and a CV worth printing out but is undecided as to her role in life.
3 Professional Mother, to be found in the gym, coffee shop, various retail locations, including Guildford, Gunwharf, IKEA and the Packhouse, on the tennis court and training for a variety of sporting challenges – generally for Charity. Add to this a prominent position on a school committee and, as you can see, there is no room in her life for something as time-consuming as a job.

It is my aim this year to leave the ranks of the Professional Mother, where I have always felt myself an amateur, and join either 1 or 2. Or will I discover that there are many more categories?


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